Empowering Kogi State Ahead of Elections: Train-the-Trainers Workshop Unveiled


In anticipation of the upcoming elections in Kogi State, the EU-SDGN cohort has launched a transformative “Train-the-Trainers” workshop. This initiative aims to arm trainers with the essential knowledge and skills required for continuous voter education.

The workshop has attracted a diverse group of participants, representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Among them are passionate individuals from civil society organizations (CSOs), media outlets, electoral authorities, and religious institutions. Their convergence at this training programme signifies a united effort to strengthen voter education and engagement in the run-up to the elections.

As the workshop unfolds, participants are immersing themselves in a wealth of information and expertise. They are equipping themselves with the tools needed to educate and engage citizens in the electoral process effectively.

This collaborative endeavor holds the promise of fostering a more informed and engaged electorate in Kogi State. By empowering trainers with the skills to impart crucial knowledge, the workshop takes a significant step toward ensuring fair cytomel side effects and transparent elections in the region. It’s a story of unity, empowerment, and a commitment to strengthening the democratic process in Kogi State.