EU programme advances fact-checking skills with CEMESO-led workshop

The European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme, in collaboration with the Centre for Media and Society (CEMESO), has launched a significant initiative to enhance the capabilities of fact-checkers. The event, a Capacity Building and Best Practice Presentation, was a technical training aimed at refining the skills of a select cohort of fact-checkers. This training session took place on Tuesday, 7th May and Wednesday, 8th May 2024, marking a crucial step in combating misinformation and enhancing media integrity.


This two-day workshop focused on equipping participants with advanced tools and methodologies necessary for effective fact-checking, critical in the era of digital information. The programme included hands-on sessions and presentations on best practices from experts in the field, providing the fact-checkers with practical skills and knowledge to apply in their daily efforts to verify facts and analyse news stories.


By fostering a well-trained community of fact-checkers, the European Union and CEMESO aim to bolster journalistic standards and contribute to more informed and democratic societies. This initiative is part of the EU’s broader commitment to supporting transparency and accuracy in media across its member states and beyond.