EU-SDGN cohort hosts High-Level Discussion Forum with Election Management Bodies to Bolster Election Security in Nigeria


The European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme (EU-SDGN) convened a Discussion Forum with Election Management Bodies (EMBs). The high-level engagement brought together key stakeholders responsible for overseeing electoral processes to deliberate on proactive measures and collaborative strategies toensuring the safety and credibility of elections.

The event served as a platform for an in-depth exchange of insights, experiences, and expertise among representatives from various Election Management Bodies, including the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other regional bodies. The focus of the forum was on assessing current challenges, identifying potential risks, and formulating robust solutions to enhance election security across the nation.

Participants explored avenues for enhanced collaboration among Election Management Bodies, security agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to create a seamless and coordinated approach to election security. Also, representatives discussed the importance of continuous capacity building initiatives for election officials and security personnel to ensure they are well-equipped to handle evolving security challenges.

The Discussion Forum on Election Security concluded with a shared commitment to fostering a secure electoral environment, ensuring that the citizens’ voices are heard without interference or compromise. The EU-SDGP reaffirmed its dedication to supporting Election Management Bodies and other stakeholders in their mission to conduct free, fair, and secure elections in Nigeria.