EU-SDGN Empowers Young Legislators through Specialized Training


In pursuit of its commitment to enhance the capacity of young legislators in the 10th National Assembly of Nigeria, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Programme has successfully launched the first batch of specialized training sessions. These sessions aim to equip the newly elected legislators with essential knowledge and skills to excel in their roles as lawmakers.

During the training sessions, the young legislators were introduced to the norms, dynamics, and intricacies of effective legislative work. The program’s curriculum was thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive insights into the legislative process, enabling participants to navigate the complexities of lawmaking with confidence and proficiency.

Through a combination of interactive workshops, informative presentations, and practical exercises, the young legislators gained valuable knowledge on various aspects of legislative duties. They explored topics such as parliamentary procedures, policy formulation, constituency engagement, and the art of effective lawmaking.

The specialized training sessions also fostered a collaborative learning environment, enabling participants to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices with their peers and seasoned mentors. The program’s facilitators, including experienced lawmakers and policy experts, provided guidance and mentorship to nurture the legislators’ potential and facilitate their professional growth.

Speaking on the significance of the training initiative, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Programme emphasized the importance of investing in the capacity development of young legislators. Empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge, the programme aims to foster a new generation of lawmakers who are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s democratic governance.

In addition to the technical aspects of legislative work, the training sessions also emphasized the importance of ethical conduct, transparency, and public service values. These essential components underscore the European Union’s commitment to promoting ethical leadership and good governance in Nigeria’s legislative arena.

The European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Programme reaffirms its dedication to nurturing the potential of young legislators, contributing to the growth and consolidation of Nigeria’s democratic institutions. Through such initiatives, the programme aims to foster a culture of effective and responsible governance that benefits all citizens of the nation.