EU-SDGN Facilitates Town Hall Meeting with Kosofe Federal Constituency


In a bid to promote citizen engagement and facilitate dialogue between elected representatives and their constituents, the European Union Support to Democratic Government in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) recently organized a Constituency Town Hall with Honorable Kafilat Ogbara, the Member representing Kosofe Federal Constituency.

The Town Hall, held in Lagos, served as a platform for residents of Kosofe Federal Constituency to directly interact with their representative and address pressing issues affecting their community. From infrastructure development to healthcare, education, and youth empowerment, a wide range of topics were discussed during the engaging session.

The House of Representative member welcomed the platform and opportunity to engage with her constituents. Highlighting the importance of citizen engagement in promoting accountable and transparent governance. She state that “by facilitating direct interaction between constituents and their elected representatives, we are empowering citizens to actively participate in the democratic process and hold their leaders accountable.”

Members of Kosofe Constituency present expressed appreciation for the opportunity to engage with their Representative and voice their concerns. They lauded the initiative as a crucial step towards promoting transparency, accountability, and responsive governance in Kosofe.

The EU-SDGN is committed to fostering participatory governance and citizen empowerment. By facilitating meaningful dialogue between elected officials and the community, the programme aims to strengthen democratic institutions and promote inclusive decision-making processes.