EU-SDGN Holds Communication and Leadership Training for PWD Appointees in Governments


The European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) held an event aimed at enhancing the capacities of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) appointed to national and sub-national government positions. The Strategic Communication and Leadership Training program, conducted in collaboration with key partners, represents a significant leap towards fostering inclusivity and empowering PWD leaders in decision-making roles.

The training brought together a diverse group of PWD appointees, offering them a tailored curriculum to strengthen their strategic communication skills and leadership capabilities. EU-SDGN’s commitment to advancing disability rights and promoting inclusive governance is at the forefront of this initiative, which seeks to address the unique challenges faced by PWD individuals in leadership positions.

The programme covered various aspects of strategic communication, including effective messaging, public relations, crisis management, and leadership strategies. The training aimed to equip participants with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of their roles and contribute meaningfully to the governance process.

The event highlighted the EU-SDGN’s dedication to promoting equal opportunities for all. “This initiative aligns with our commitment to advancing disability rights and creating an inclusive society. We believe that by empowering PWD appointees with essential skills, we contribute to building a more equitable and representative governance structure”.

The event served as a testament to the European Union’s commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and the active participation of Persons with Disabilities in shaping the policies and decisions that impact their lives. The Strategic Communication and Leadership Training program marks a milestone in advancing the rights and opportunities of PWD leaders at both national and sub-national levels of government.