European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme Empowers INEC Press Corps Ahead of Off-cycle Governorship Elections

In a bid to foster a more informed and engaged media landscape in the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa, Kogi, and Imo states, EU-SDGN Cohort organised a comprehensive two-day workshop exclusively for members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Press Corps.

The workshop provided a platform for journalists to delve into the intricacies of the electoral process, gaining valuable insights into the unique dynamics shaping the political landscape of the three states.

The event brought together seasoned experts, electoral analysts, and prominent figures in the field of politics to share their knowledge and expertise. The speakers explored a wide array of topics ranging from voter demographics and campaign strategies to the role of technology in modern-day elections.

The workshop also featured interactive sessions, allowing members of the INEC Press Corps to engage in candid discussions with the experts, seeking clarification on specific issues and exploring potential challenges that may arise in the upcoming elections.

One of the key highlights was a session discussion that delved into examining how past elections have shaped the current political landscape and what lessons can be learned moving forward.

“The role of the media in shaping public opinion and ensuring a transparent electoral process cannot be overstated. This workshop is designed to empower journalists with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide accurate and insightful coverage of the Bayelsa, Kogi, and Imo off-cycle governorship elections.”

As the workshop concluded, participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the electoral processes and dynamics specific to each state. Armed with newfound insights, the INEC Press Corps is now better equipped to play a pivotal role in informing the public and fostering a more transparent and accountable democratic process in the upcoming governorship elections.