Empowering the Youth: EU-SDGN Cohort Educates Brilliant Giant Model School Students on the Significance of Peaceful Elections

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Owerri, Imo State – We are pleased to announce a significant initiative aimed at empowering the future leaders of our nation. Our dedicated cohort recently engaged with the students of Brilliant Giant Model School in Owerri, providing valuable insights into the importance of peaceful elections and equipping these young minds to become champions of promoting this crucial knowledge within their communities.


The youth hold the key to shaping the future of our country, and it is essential to instil in them the values of peace, democracy, and responsible citizenship from an early age. The interaction with the students of Brilliant Giant Model School sought to achieve precisely that.


Key Objectives of the Engagement:

1) Importance of Peaceful Elections: The session emphasised the significance of peaceful elections in a democratic society, highlighting how they contribute to stability, progress, and the well-being of all citizens.

2) Becoming Champions of Knowledge: The students were encouraged to not only absorb this knowledge but also actively share it with their families and communities, thereby becoming ambassadors for peaceful elections.

3) Interactive Learning: The engagement involved interactive discussions, storytelling, and activities designed to make learning about democracy and electoral processes engaging and relatable for young minds.


As a result of this engagement, the students of Brilliant Giant Model School are now better equipped with the knowledge and motivation to champion the cause of peaceful elections in their communities. We look forward to seeing these young minds play a transformative role in Nigeria’s democratic future