EU programme empowers Kaduna state with a series of peace education initiatives


In a bid to foster peace and resilience in Kaduna State, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme, led by SOS Children’s Villages, has embarked on a series of impactful educational and community engagement activities. From 15th to 18th April 2024, the initiative kicked off with training and sensitization programmes aimed at strengthening peace education in four secondary schools across the state. The sessions, starting at 10 am each day, were held in the respective school halls, focusing on equipping students with skills and knowledge to promote peace within their communities.


The series of activities continued on 19th April 2024, with a capacity-building workshop for members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Bafra International Hotels, Kaduna. Starting at 10 am, the workshop trained NYSC members to act as agents of peace and change, reinforcing their roles in community development and conflict resolution.


Concluding the week, on 20th April 2024, a community town hall meeting was held at Bafra International Hotels. This meeting brought together community leaders, stakeholders, and citizens to discuss key issues related to peacebuilding, conflict resolution, climate resilience, and the use of indigenous strategies to address local challenges. Like the previous events, it commenced at 10 am.


These initiatives highlight the European Union’s continued commitment to supporting democratic governance and peace-building efforts worldwide, particularly through local community engagement and education in regions vulnerable to conflict.