EU-SDGN Organizes Retreat with House of Reps Committee on Media and Publicity


The European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria has reiterated its commitment to strengthening legislative communication strategies and engagement by organising a retreat in collaboration with the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Publicity.

The retreat, held in Lagos, provided an opportunity for members of the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Publicity to convene and strategize on effective communication methods. With the overarching goal of promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement, participants engaged in in-depth discussions and interactive sessions aimed at enhancing their communication skills and outreach efforts.

Attendees explored various topics related to legislative communication, including the utilization of traditional and digital media platforms, crafting compelling messaging, and leveraging technology for outreach and engagement. Expert facilitators provided insights and best practices tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the committee in disseminating information and engaging with constituents.

The representative of the House Committee on Media and Publicity commended the EU-SDGN for facilitating the retreat and emphasized the importance of effective communication in promoting public trust and understanding. “As representatives of the people, it is important that we effectively communicate our legislative agenda, actions, and achievements to our constituents,” they stated.

As the retreat concluded, participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas. They emphasized their renewed commitment to leveraging effective communication strategies to better serve the interests of the Nigerian people and advance the nation’s development agenda.

By empowering legislative committees with the tools and knowledge to communicate effectively, the EU-SDGN is committed to fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in the legislative process.