EU-Funded Legislative Internship Programme Launches First Bi-weekly Meeting for 2023 Interns


The European Union-funded legislative internship programme kicked off its 2023 session with the inaugural bi-weekly meeting for interns. The meeting, held as part of the comprehensive internship program, marked the beginning of an enriching journey for aspiring professionals eager to gain firsthand experience in legislative processes.

The EU’s commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders was evident as the legislative internship programme convened its first bi-weekly meeting. The initiative, funded by the European Union, aims to empower young minds with practical knowledge and skills essential for effective participation in legislative and governance processes.

Interns were introduced to the structure and objectives of the legislative internship program. They received a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and responsibilities that lie ahead. The meeting provided a platform for interns to share their expectations and goals for the program. This interactive session facilitated communication and understanding between the interns and program coordinators.

As the 2023 interns embark on this transformative legislative internship journey, the EU-funded programme underscores its commitment to nurturing a cadre of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who will contribute to the advancement of democratic values and governance. The EU-funded legislative internship programme is set to be a catalyst for positive change, preparing interns to be active participants in shaping the future of governance.