EU-SDGN Cohorts Deploy Local Observers for 2023 Off-Cycle Elections


In a proactive move to ensure the integrity and transparency of the democratic process, the European Union-Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) Cohorts have launched a robust initiative by deploying Local Monitoring Observers for the upcoming 2023 Off-Cycle Elections. This strategic move aims to strengthen citizen engagement, promote fair electoral practices, and bolster the overall democratic experience at the grassroots level.

As Nigeria gears up for the significant off-cycle elections in 2023, the EU-SDGN Cohorts are taking decisive action to empower communities through the deployment of Local Monitoring Observers. These observers, drawn from diverse backgrounds within local communities, will play a crucial role in monitoring various stages of the electoral process.

The deployment plan will ensure a Community-Centric Approach where Observers will actively engage with residents to ensure widespread awareness and understanding of the electoral process. By fostering community-centric initiatives, the EU-SDGN aims to encourage maximum voter participation and inclusivity.

Ahead of their deployment, the EU-SDGN Cohorts conducted comprehensive training sessions for the Local Monitoring Observers. These sessions focused on equipping the observers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively carry out their roles in line with ethical monitoring practices.

Recognizing the importance of seamless collaboration, the observers will work closely with various stakeholders including electoral management bodies, security agencies, and civil society organizations. This collaborative effort is crucial for ensuring a well-coordinated and secure electoral process. Their presence is therefore instrumental in upholding the principles of democracy, ensuring that the electoral process is transparent, fair, and reflective of the people’s will,

The deployment of Local Observers underscores the EU-SDGN Cohorts’ commitment to grassroots democracy and citizen participation. As Nigeria approaches the 2023 Off-Cycle Elections, this initiative represents a pivotal step in advancing democratic values and ensuring that the electoral process remains a true expression of the people’s democratic aspirations.