EU-SDGN tackles gender-based violence in Oyo state

In a concerted effort to combat gender-based violence, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme, spearheaded by the Justice Development and Peace Initiative (JDPI), has initiated a comprehensive 12-day community outreach in Oyo State, Nigeria. The programme began on Thursday, 11 April 2024, and is set to cover twelve communities across the Iseyin and Iwajowa Local Government Areas, located in the border area of the state.


This strategic initiative targets six designated communities in each of the two LGAs, focusing on raising awareness and providing support regarding gender-based violence. The outreach activities are centred in various venues within the Iseyin and Iwajowa areas, ensuring broad access to the resources and information offered.


The JDPI’s focused campaign is part of a broader endeavour to address and mitigate the impacts of gender-based violence through community engagement and education. This initiative not only seeks to empower residents but also to foster a safer and more supportive environment for all members of the community, particularly those most vulnerable to such violence.


By bringing these critical issues to the forefront in local communities, the JDPI, with the backing of the European Union, hopes to enact lasting change and strengthen the societal structures that prevent violence against women and girls. The programme is a key component of the EU’s commitment to supporting democratic governance and human rights worldwide.