EU Support to Democratic Governance Programme Reinforces Commitment to Excellence with 2nd MEL Retreat


In a continued effort to enhance effectiveness and ensure sustained impact, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance Programme (EU-SDGN) successfully concluded its 2nd Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Retreat. The retreat, held in Abuja served as a strategic platform for reflection, assessment, and collaborative learning, reaffirming the EU-SDGN’s dedication to fostering democratic governance in Nigeria.

The Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Retreat brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from the European Union, and implementing partners, The focus was on evaluating the progress made, learning from past experiences, and charting a course for the future to continually improve the program’s impact on democratic governance.

Participants engaged in comprehensive discussions and evaluations of the EU-SDGN’s performance, examining the achievements, challenges, and lessons learned since the last retreat. The assessment aimed to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement.

Furthermore, the retreat provided an opportunity for strategic planning, with a focus on refining and aligning program goals with evolving democratic governance needs in Nigeria. Emphasis was placed on ensuring adaptability to changing circumstances.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing: The gathering facilitated knowledge sharing among participants, fostering a collaborative environment for exchanging best practices, innovative approaches, and lessons learned in the realm of democratic governance.

The 2nd Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Retreat concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to building on past achievements to further enhance democratic governance in Nigeria. The EU-SDGN remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, transparency, and inclusivity as it continues to contribute to the advancement of democratic values in the country.