European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria Empowers Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for Active Electoral Participation


In a significant effort to promote inclusivity and support internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria, the European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria recently conducted a highly impactful sensitization session on the 2022 regulations and framework for voting by IDPs. The primary objective of this session was to empower and encourage their active participation in the electoral process.

Recognizing the challenges faced by IDPs in exercising their voting rights, the European Union designed the sensitization session to provide comprehensive information about the regulations and guidelines specifically tailored to address their unique circumstances. The session, which took place in a participatory and interactive manner, took into account the diverse backgrounds and needs of the IDP community.

During the sensitization, key topics such as voter registration procedures, the rights and entitlements of IDPs as voters, and the various voting options available to them were addressed. The European Union emphasized the significance of the IDPs’ participation in shaping the nation’s future through the electoral process.

In a bid to ensure accurate information and to dispel any doubts or misconceptions related to voting by IDPs, experts in electoral matters and representatives from relevant government agencies were invited to share insights during the session. Local leaders and community influencers were also actively engaged to facilitate the dissemination of information and build trust among the IDP population.

Beyond educating IDPs about their voting rights, the sensitization session also focused on practical aspects such as the provision of transportation and logistical support for those willing to cast their votes during elections. The European Union collaborated with relevant stakeholders to facilitate a smooth and secure voting process for IDPs, even in remote locations.

The impact of the sensitization session has been remarkable, with a significant increase in the number of IDPs registered as voters. This outcome reflects the eagerness of the IDP community to actively participate in the democratic process and make their voices heard in the nation’s governance.

The European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria reaffirms its commitment to sustaining efforts in supporting IDPs and ensuring their meaningful engagement in the electoral process. Through such initiatives, the European Union aims to foster a more inclusive and democratic society for all Nigerians.