EUSDGN Cohort Unveils Election Gender Assessment Report at Art Exhibition themed “Silenced Voices, Stolen Choices”


In an initiative to spotlight the intersection of gender inclusion, politics, civic movements, and elections, the European Union-Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria (EU-SDGN) Cohort launched its Election Gender Assessment Report at a captivating Art Exhibition themed “Silenced Voices, Stolen Choices.”

The transformative event, held in Abuja aimed to not only present crucial findings from the Election Gender Assessment Report but also to engage the public through artistic expressions that illustrate the challenges and triumphs of gender inclusion in the political landscape.

The art exhibition, curated to resonate with the theme “Silenced Voices, Stolen Choices,” showcased a diverse array of artworks exploring the multifaceted dynamics of gender within the context of politics, civic movements, and elections. From paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, each piece sought to capture the essence of the struggle for gender equality in the area of governance.

Against this backdrop, the Election Gender Assessment Report, a comprehensive study conducted by the EU-SDGN Cohort, was unveiled to shed light on the current state of gender inclusivity in electoral processes. Key aspects covered in the report included: representation disparities, barriers to entry and election.

The “Silenced Voices, Stolen Choices” Art Exhibition and the Election Gender Assessment Report launch stand as a testament to the EU-SDGN Cohort’s commitment to promoting gender equality and fostering inclusive democratic practices in Nigeria. The event concluded with a call to action, urging stakeholders to actively participate in dismantling barriers that stifle voices and limit choices in the political arena.